What Viridal Duo is and what it is used for

Viridal Duo contains the active substance alprostadil which has a place with a gathering of medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. This medication works by broadening veins and expanding blood stream to your penis.

Viridal Duo is utilized in grown-up guys:

  • to assist you with getting and keep an erection
  • by your PCP to test whether you experience the ill effects of impotence.

Viridal Duo arrives in a glass cartridge with two chambers. One chamber contains alprostadil, the other contains sodium chloride arrangement. These are combined as one to make an answer that is infused into the penis.

Instructions to utilize Viridal Duo

Continuously utilize this medication precisely as your PCP has advised you. Check with your primary care physician on the off chance that you don’t know.

Before you use Viridal Duo at home, you should be instructed how to get ready and infuse it by your PCP. You ought to never begin treatment without conversing with your primary care physician first.

In the event that you think that its hard to utilize your hands appropriately or on the off chance that you cant see very well your accomplice can be instructed how to give you the injection. Talk about this with your PCP if fundamental.

The amount Viridal Duo to utilize

For erectile dysfunction of essential neurological root:

  • Your PCP will give you a beginning portion of 2.5 or 5 micrograms. Notwithstanding, if your impotence is because of neurological issues, your primary care physician will give you a beginning portion of 1.25 micrograms.
  • Your PCP will at that point increment your portion by 2.5 or 5 micrograms all at once
  • Your right portion is the one which creates an erection which goes on for no more than 60 minutes.

For an erection:

  • Most men need somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 micrograms for every injection
  • Do not utilize in excess of 40 micrograms in a single injection.
  • Try not to utilize more than 2 or 3 times each week with in any event 24 hours between the injections.

What Viridal Duo contains

The active substance is alprostadil. There are three qualities of Viridal Duo that contain the active substance alprostadil 10, 20 or 40 micrograms.

Different elements of the powder are lactose monohydrate and alfadex.

The fluid contains sodium chloride and water for injection.

What Viridal Duo resembles and substance of the pack

Viridal Duo is a powder and dissolvable for answer for injection. Viridal Duo arrives in a glass cartridge with two chambers. One chamber contains a white powder with the active fixing alprostadil. The other contains an unmistakable, dry arrangement of sodium chloride arrangement. This is utilized to break down the powder.

There are different packs containing:

  • 1 cartridge, 1 needle with and without injector
  • 2 cartridges, 2 needles with and without injector
  • 6 cartridges and 6 needles without injector.

Not all pack sizes might be showcased.