Why have I started taking Avanafil

My name is Peter and I am from New York City. My story goes back to the beginning of 2011 when I celebrated my 54th birthday. A couple of weeks later, I notice that it is not that easy for me to last longer in bed, and by longer I mean longer than a couple of minutes and that has never happened before. I thought that it is just because of all the stress at work and I didn’t pay too much attention to it, but that problem persisted in the next two or three months when I finally decided to see what is going on…

I figured that it has to do something with my age since I am not a young guy anymore, but there was no way that I am going to the doctor’s office and telling him all this. I had to find another solution and then suddenly one of my friends told me about this great product called Avanafil since his friend has been using it for a while and he says that the results are amazing. I knew that I don’t have anything to lose and that is why I ordered it on the internet. That is a good thing about it, you simply click on the Buy button and wait for the delivery guy.

Also, Avanafil pills are going to be packed in a box with no letters on it, so no one is going to know that you have just bought pills for treating ED and impotence. That was very important for me since my wife still doesn’t know that I am taking the pills. I just take a pill of Avanafil about half an hour before going to bed since I know that she is always ready for sex and after some stimulation, my penis gets really hard, even harder than ever before when I wasn’t taking the pills.

I couldn’t describe how happy I was the first time when we had sex after taking a pill of Avanafil and seeing my penis fully erected. It has been a long time since the last time I saw that and that is what you can expect to happen as well. Follow the rules no matter what, and the golden rule is not to take more than one pill per day, actually in the 24 hour period. I take a pill at 8pm, and then I have to wait until the next day at 8pm in order to take the next one.

Of course, if you know that you are not going to have sex, there is no need to take a pill every day. I recommended this product to a friend of mine and he also says that he is more than satisfied with the results and he is going to be thanking me until the rest of his life. There is no time for wasting and you have to deal with erectile dysfunction as soon as possible.